Oh, Man!

A few days ago here at work Kristi and I were rearranging our Lit Crit Reference section. On the computer kind of behind us was a woman who had her 2-year-old son with her. When Kristi and I discovered that we had missed a couple of books and were going to have to shift some stuff down to make room, I said, "Oh, Man!" (making "man" about 2 syllables). Then I heard this little voice behind me saying, "Oh, Man! Oh, Man! Oh, Man!" over and over. The little kid was dancing around behind us and saying, "Oh, Man!" like, a gazillion times. I was very amused. :-D

Louisville job interview

I had my phone interview with Louisville Free Public Library a couple of hours ago. I feel like it went well --- I think I only sounded like an idiot a couple of times. :-D Phone interviews are a little freaky for me since I can't see who I am talking to, but I think I did okay. I am now convinced that there is some sort of standard for interview questions for public libraries because even though they weren't exactly the same, they were very similar to the questions I was asked when I applied here at East Baton Rouge Parish libraries!

Today Stuff

I am at work today. I don't really care for working Sundays, so it won't be something I miss when we move. It was never hugely busy at the library today, but it has slowed down just now so it is pretty quiet. Hey, I just found some Easter egg M&Ms at the desk. Mmmmmmmm.....chocolaty goodness..... :-D I'm already hungry for dinner. I'm planning on leftover caesar salad from Oscar's and the rest of that leek stuff I made. Toonces is pissed that I haven't been eating much meat for her to scam since Dave's been out of town. She really wants me to pick up Cane's chicken fingers --- I know she does. Little kitty schemer.

I met Julia, a friend from library school, at Starbuck's for coffee/tea today before coming into work. It was good to see her. It sounds like she'll be moving soon herself. She has been living here while her husband has been living in another city for the past year for his job. Gack! Puts the whole Dave being away for a month into perspective! Though I still plan to whine about that. Just not to her!

She lives!

Yep, I'm still alive. Dave and I are getting ready to move to Louisville, KY in June. Dave is at a school right now in Yorktown, VA for training that he'll need for his new job, and I miss him to a ridiculous degree. Luckily I have friends here who are trying to help keep me occupied! I'm also trying to do some different projects like dragging out the warm weather clothes, sorting out my closet and bathroom counter a bit, and get more of the books that are on the potential list for the LTRC list for 2012 read.

Yesterday I met Kathy, Mary and Mike for lunch at La Madeleine (however you spell it) and then Kathy, Mike and I went to AZ International Market to putz around and find cool stuff. I bought red bell pepper paste to make this yummy leeks in olive oil dish that we learned how to make in the Turkish cooking class I'm taking. It was basically this with 1 tablespoon of pepper paste added. It was awesome.

I've applied for a job in the public library system in Louisville and have a phone interview next Friday with them for 2 jobs in their system. I'm not sure how many other people are applying for the jobs, but it doesn't sound like it's going to be loads and loads of other people vying for the job --- though I don't know if anyone who already works in the system is trying for it either. Apparently the job is a Librarian II position for assistant branch manager, otherwise known as "the other librarian." A bit scary that.

In many ways I have been dreading the move, but now I am ready to just get the hell on with it. I'll miss my friends though. :-( We do this every few years with Dave being in the Coast Guard and all, so we're used to it all in a lot of ways, but it is still massively stressful. Plus, I keep having flashbacks of the movers who moved us to Baton Rouge from Houston 5 years ago as they flattened out boxes and put them on the stairs of the apartment building to slide the boxes full of our (often breakable) stuff down. When I asked them what the hell they were thinking, one of the guys said, "Well we have someone at the bottom of the stairs to CATCH the box!" Okay, feeling skittish now about the whole moving experience again.....
Highly amused Emily

16th anniversary

Dave and I had a great anniversary. We slept in, and then I made us brunch here at home. This afternoon we went to New Orleans. We wandered around Lafayette Cemetery 1 and made a new kitty friend. Then we went to Commander's Palace and ate yummy food. :-D

Bizarre Books: A Compendium of Classic Oddities by Russell Ash and Brian Lake

Bizarre Books: A Compendium of Classic Oddities by Russell Ash and Brian Lake was hilarious! Some of my favorite titles include:

Games You Can Play with Your Pussy;
Drummer Dick's Discharge;
Penetrating Wagner's Ring;
Cock Tugs;
Invisible Dick
("'Jeehosophat! What a disgraceful scene!' said Dick Brett, doing a series of physical jerks behind a bush, as he began to grow into visibility.");
Every Other Inch a Methodist by Douglas Cock;
Sodomy in Reformation Germany and Switzerland, 1400-1600 by Helmut Puff;
The Missing Fanny. A Tale of Divorce Court;
Dildo Kay;
The Second-Hand Parrot: A Complete Pet Owner's Manual;
Ducks & How to Make Them Pay;
A Pictorial Book of Tongue Coating;
Shipping Semen? How to Have a Successful Experience;
Castration: The Advantages and Disadvantages;
Play with Your Own Marbles;
Practical Taxidermy and Home Decoration;
Knitted Historical Figures;
Build Your Own Hindenburg;
Versailles: The View from Sweden;
How to Abandon Ship;
Fighting the Fuzz-Wuzzy;
My Invisible Friend Explains the Bible;
From Cleopatra to Christ. Arguing that the Former Was the Latter's Mother;
Was Jesus Insane?;
Why Jesus Never Wrote a Book;
The Sunny Side of Bereavement;
Reusing Old Graves;
Sex After Death.

Books: 5/100 = 5%
Pages: 1139/30,000 = 3.8%